10 mei 2015

10 - 11 November: weekend course on Patience

The Importance of Training in Patience
10-11 November 2018, Weekend course in English
by Gelong Changchub Phüntsog

Patience is an important quality, for everybody. In Buddhism however, this quality is taught in particular. Patience is the antidote against hatred and dislike. So, if we wish for less aggression and conflict in our lives and in the world, then the only route is to practice patience. This is not a passive attitude, but an active state of wisdom and compassion.

Date and time: 10 - 11 November 2018, from Saturday 10.00 hrs. until Sunday 17.00 hrs.
Venue: temple of Rabten Jigme Ling, Stationsweg 98, Den Haag
Contact: mail us for more information and for flyer.